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The Here and Now of Kentucky Wildcat Basketball; One and Done is likely DONE

It's been a long while since we cranked up the machine, Kentucky Wildcat Basketball DOT Net is now Kentucky Wildcat Basketball DOT Com and we're still the same set of honest jerks as we were before.

Kentucky Basketball is a homer's paradise, they see no evil, hear no evil and sure as hell speak no evil of the Roman Empire of College Basketball. Well, we are here to put UK Fans on notice, WE WILL do all three if it suits our agenda.

We start with the obvious; One and Done in College Basketball. Coach Calipari has created an empire of a one and done system at Kentucky and other powerhouse programs have followed suit with varying degrees of success. Coach Cal won a national championship, that HE would like to claim is purely a result of his move'em in and move'em out system but it wasn't. Cal had the perfect mix of Freshman talent, returning talent and a Senior in Darius Miller that served as the cherry on top. The unique brew of freshman talent in 2012 will NEVER be experienced again. Players like Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd Gilchrist are both in their own right once in a generation players. If Cal couldn't make it happen with UK's last Final Four team, the so-called super team of 2014-15 then Cal will likely NEVER repeat that success again. That's the HERE and NOW of UK Basketball, not some day-dream or some brand of wishful thinking analytics.

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What if? (The NBA Players Union Vote to Allow High School Seniors into the NBA Draft)

I love the talking heads in sports today. They love to bellow with a fervor reserved for an old Baptist Preachers slogans like; "these kids need to get paid!", "Let these kids makes a living!" and blah, blah and more blah. They blame college athletics, they blame the NCAA, they blame the NBA itself but it's the NBA Player's Union who has total control over allowing high school seniors into the draft. I completely understand why the Player's Union have put the kabosh on high school seniors entering the league. Career 6th man players and journeymen were being cast aside for fashionable high school talent with their ESPN PR and AAU mix tapes. sorry, that dog won't hunt but the NBA has created a farm system of sorts with the G league.

Most high school seniors, if allowed to enter the draft, who are drafted, will never don an NBA jersey, they will languish in the G league competing with career players and others as talented as they are. The NBA now has a filter to stop the fashion police from drafting unproven players into the League. So my bet is this Summer the NBA Players Union will allow High School seniors to enter the draft in probably 2022. It's not only the right thing to do in a true capitalist society but it's right thing to do in general and not to mention the PC cops will dance on their heads if they vote to continue the ban on high schools seniors.

What Happens to Kentucky!??!

Every UK fan will shutter and shake if the Players Unions allow high schoolers into the NBA Draft, and for good reason, because, for the foreseeable future, the top tier talent will flock to the draft and into the G League. Sure, special players like a Zion Williamson will go straight into an NBA locker room but most will not. Even though Coach Cal has vocally never supported the One and Done system he is primary beneficiary of that system, he has built an empire using that system and once that system crumbles Cal will have to adjust the most out of all the top level college basketball programs in the nation.

I will predict in a few seasons after the ban the top tier talent will once again begin to flock to schools like UK, Duke, UNC and Kansas simply because of the exposure these kids get. they will not experience the national TV coverage in the G league like they will at a school like Kentucky. The free PR is worth, as a commodity, millions to these kids and their position on the draft board. So in reality, in 3 or 4 seasons those ranked just outside the top ten will begin to sign their LOI's once again while the top ranked talent will do as they did before the ban, they go straight into the league, maybe.

And who will benefit the most once the storm settles? the UK's the Duke's and UNC's of college basketball. We will once again have a monopoly on high school talent but it will take time.

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