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Is It Bye, Bye Barnes? UT Coach Rick Barns Making His decision soon on UCLA offer

Just when the University of Tennessee had something to smile about this happens. I have to be honest, UK may have the best fans in the world but UT isn't far behind. I lived in Knoxville Tennessee during the reign of the great Peyton Manning, and I lived down frigging town, meaning; when UT had a home football game, you were cement stuck where you at, jack, nothing moved. Those fans were absolutely off the chain week in and week out, it was a lot of fun to live in Knoxville during that time, even though they couldn't beat the Ol' Ball Coach, Florida and Steve Spurrier I mean.
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So now that UT Basketball has arrived, yet again, never forget the Pearl experiment was a success, Barnes may be jumping to L.A.

Prediction? That's a tough one because Rick Barnes is NOT the big man on campus, that is Phil Fulmer and if one can predict what he will do then that person needs to buy a lottery card every 5 minutes. It will come down to the dollars I believe. UCLA is offering Barnes $5 million a year plus an incentive package. He is paid $3.25 million at UT with his contract maxing out at $3.75 million by 2024. I can't believe Barnes would pass up that paper and the incentives that come along with it, probably another 3 or 4 mil in endorsements. Considering UT's penny pinching past I cannot see them coming up with a package that even comes close but hey, they could surprise me. One big reason is there is NO WAY Barnes would get $5 million a year when their football Coach Jeremy Pruitt is making $4 million, that dog won't hunt.

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