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Does Kentucky Have a Storm on the Horizon? Nike, Duke, the FBI and Michael Avenatti

Is College Basketball corrupt? Yes, of course it is. Is college basketball corrupt all the way to it's core? Yes, of course it is and always has been. Blockbuster movies like Blue Chips is simply everyday business of college basketball, the Adidas scandal has proven that beyond a doubt. Now the hard question; does the FBI clean house at Nike like they did with Adidas? They have to, politics demands it. And in this day and age of the privileged must be destroyed I will make a safe bet that Duke, UNC, UK and others are most certainly on deck to be scrutinized all the way to their molecular structures, ESPN and their everlasting Duke lust will not save them from the gallows if they are guilty.

The news of last week's impending Nike scandal has hushed to a whisper since Aventatti's "And Duke"  tweet on March the 27th. What does all this mess really mean in the big scheme of things? Once Michael Avenatti really starts talking and the scabs are pulled back from the "I believe" ongoing FBI investigation into Nike, every single Nike school will be examined all the way down to their bone marrow and yes, UK will be one of those schools.

Has UK played the same game as everyone else, i.e, cash for signing on? It's hard to say because UK is the most closely guarded and scrutinized school in the nation. Cal's one and done system sort of shields UK from this pay for play debacle. Cal promises to make you a millionaire without remorse or regret and he has not altered his course one single degree trying to appease the likes of UK traditionalists or the droves of college basketball talking heads. Cal promotes his system and puts his system into practice, so at the beginning of all this I do not believe UK is as deeply involved as some "other" schools who have risen to the top in the one and done game, schools like Duke for instance. Does that mean it has never happened at UK? Certainly not, one can't control what boosters do or what some unscrupulous agent does in the darkness of college basketball's underbelly. I am sure it has happened and if it has it will come out like Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress and with all the shock and awe that comes with it.

What happens Next?

Well the pace at which events occur will be set by the pace at which the FBI moves. The FBI will not hurry up to simply relieve the anxiety of UK fans, that's for sure, they will move when they want to move. So it's hard to say "when" something will happen but I would put the smart money on "something" breaking with Duke in the next 4 to 6 weeks. We have to recognize the political environment in which we now live. It is truly a PC culture all the way down to elementary school students and the privileged, turtleneck, ideal of a Duke is certainly within the cross-hairs. The media will relish it's chance to stomp on the carcass of the Ivy League school of the south in Duke, make no mistake about it. Mike Krzyzewski and Duke'ees are most certainly sacred cows at ESPN but ESPN will not set the tone in this event, the CNN's, the Fox New's, the CBS' of the world will set that tone with the crying babes at ESPN muffled into the background.

So expect "something" with Duke in the next couple of months. If I had to venture a guess it will involve Zion Williamson. Let us not forget what was revealed late last year.

"On Tuesday, the trial provided its biggest bombshell yet: the father of Zion Williamson — Duke freshman and Internet legend — allegedly asked Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend for money, housing and a job according to a conversation caught on tape between Townsend and Code.The conversation was caught on an FBI wiretap, but wasn’t admitted as evidence in the trial because it occurred just 12 days before Code was arrested in September of 2017, well after the alleged fraud he committed that put him on trial. Still: the introduction of Williamson’s name into this saga is eye-popping because he’s set to be the biggest name in the sport playing for the most untouchable program in the country this season at Duke." Source SB Nation
Zion Williamson's involvement in all this will be revealed in due time and do not forget Mike Krzyzewski's pretentious snobby response to all this. Mike Krzyzewski set himself up as the stuffy patriarch of all that's wrong with college sports, not a John Calipari in this instance. Mike Krzyzewski will be front and center answering for his ridiculous conclusions that this FBI stuff is merely a "blip" on the radar of college basketball. If the rumor mill starts churning with news of a Mike Krzyzewski retirement in the next few months Duke fans will need to hold their collective breaths, as that would be the first sign of impending doom at Duke. So my gut tells me Duke will be the first pinata to be smacked around when this party starts, not UK.


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