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New Season, New Round of John Calipari Speculation; Cal to the Cavs? Not this Year so Give it up.

We have to do it, we have to speculate. You have to consider from where this writer was spawned, the world of politics and speculation is as common as hamburger and cheese brutha.

So we are yet again diving into the murky world of speculation with regard to Coach John Caliapri's future at the University of Kentucky. And everyone knows where this is going so we might as well jump right in.

At this time the fans in Cleveland are not calling for David Blatt's head. After-all, they have King Lebron James back from his exodus to lead Cavalier nation to the promised land. They are content with simply having Lebron back in a Cavs jersey, for the moment.

The Cavs are 3-3 but also have one of the worst defenses in the NBA, 29th to be exact. This lack of D will not sit well come February or March. If Lebron and Company have to outscore everyone all the time then it's going to be a long season. Right now I am kind of confused if Lebron returned to Cleveland to play, or to coach, because he is coaching while Blatt sort of sits there and watches.

We are not speculating about anything specific at this moment in time other than to introduce the first in a series of articles dedicated to the absurd notion that John Calipari jumps ship, next year. Nothing, I remind you, nothing could drag Caliapri away this year but this may be his swan song and if we reach the top of the mountain in college basketball in 2014-15, then so be it.

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