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Kansas vs Kentucky in Indy: Can Kansas' Speed nullify UK's Bigs?

Mr. Pessimistic has arrived yet again and this time the crystal ball is showing some worrying signs. I think UK will eventually pull it out but this game has the potential of becoming a very ugly contest. UK showed the BBN, against Buffalo, that they are human, capable of being what they are, kids.

If Bill Self has his Xs and Os inline, and I bet he does, then we can expect Kansas to take the fight to Kentucky, all night long. The X factor for Self and the Jayhawks is this; can they sustain a solid 8 man rotation, and be productive doing it, for 40 minutes? That's a tall order. I would expect the Harrison Twins to be rabid mad dogs tonight. I would expect Johnson and Cauley-Stein to be equally rabid. They know big games, they have played in a few them and they know this is a big game. This game will define the Cat's for the next few weeks. If 2 out of those 4 players refuse to lose then UK is safe. If they take the night off mentally then it's going to be a barn burner.

If Kansas back-door-cuts UK to pieces tonight expect the game to stay close until the end. I know one thing for sure, Bill Self will, yet again, try and make this a free throw game, a 2 minute free throw contest. He defeated Calipari in 2008 doing just that and made BBN sweat a little in 2012. If UK is up 6 with 2 minutes to go then expect the Hack-A-Cat strategy to come into effect. Self will send the water-boy into the game to foul one of the many UK bigs, if Kentucky is shooting 60% or less from the charity stripe.

We accurately predicted the line for the KU - UK game a few days ago. The sports betting gurus are giving KU+-4 over/under. We predicted a score of UK-71 and KU-67 and we stated that KU will cover the spread. If we have a free throw contest then KU will safely cover the spread barring a late 30 seconds to go lob bonanza.

Can UK lose this game? Heck yea they can and this how it will be lost. If the Harrison Twins stay in Lexington tonight, mentally, and Cauley-Stein forgets he's 7-0 then it will fall on the shoulders of the Freshmen. If Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis have off nights then Calipari may be forced to abandon the Platoon system and put the best players on the floor. The lack of game chemistry will be evident from the start. If this scenario plays itself out then Alex Poythress will be forced to play hero, something he hasn't done much of. If Kansas manages to keep the score in the low 60's then watch out BBN because UK's terrible history at the free throw line will become a nightmare in real time.

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