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Crazy Larry Brown Predicts Kentucky will Run the Table

Oh boy, here we go again and we do expect the hype train to be running full capacity, pumping in the coal and hitting the iron fast and hot.

SMU Coach, and Calipari Pal, Larry Brown says the University of Kentucky will run the table in 2014-15 and that UK's two platoons are the number 1 and number 2 ranked teams in the country. He spreads its on like fresh butter for his old pal Coach Cal.

We know there is simply no way a team, in this modern era, can go undefeated. Is it Einstein like impossible? No, it doesn't defy any known laws of physics but it does defy commonsense. If we were packed with this same type of talent, and if 80% of the team were Seniors and such, then yes I would think it may be a possibility. Considering Kentucky rabid fan base and jerk pundits such as myself I seriously doubt we will go anywhere near undefeated. We do have an effect on our teams, because we are, you know, NUTS.

I do predict we will win it all, with 3 or 4 losses.

So thanks Larry, we appreciate the ego boost but using the wise words of Mike Ditka "Stop it!, just Stop it!"

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