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Could Skal Labissiere's Recruitment come back to Haunt the University of Kentucky?

Author - Jack Sawyers - Investigative Guru 

Report: Skal Labissiere's Shady Guardian Asked How To Profit From Him

It is no secret that I am the pessimistic one of the group.

I was not a fan of Eric Bledsoe's recruitment, and it damn near sunk Calipari's ship before it really had a chance to set sail. UK was one "missing ;)" grade-book away from possibly being forced to vacate 98% of the wins in Calipari's first season at UK. The whole UK2K backlash would have been epic. But thankfully it didn't happen.

I was also not a fan of Nerlens Noel's recruitment either. Nothing, not a peep came from that recruitment, so I would say that UK's Compliance Department did their jobs and did their jobs well.

Skal Labissiere's story is both tragic and...tragic for two totally different reasons. His Haitian home was destroyed in the massive earthquake that struck his impoverished homeland. He migrated to Memphis where is seems that the vultures were waiting. The apparent vulture, Gerald Hamilton, Skal's guardian, seemed intent on one thing; profiting from Skal's amazing ability. He was not shy in his quest to figure out the best way to achieve his pathetic goal.

Hamilton went so far as to create a 501(c)(3) non profit organization called Reach Your Dream and multiple college coaches who "tried" to recruit Skal stated that unless you "donated" to the so-called non profit you had NO chance of recruiting Labissiere. Skal even had his own private basketball team via a "school" named Reach Your Dream Prep. This is probably the biggest red flag of all. I am very familiar with non profit law but I am not a legal professional. Violating non profit law, in most cases that involves large amounts of money, will catch the attention of the FEDS and they don't play basketball nor do they care about basketball, they put you in jail, period.

Reach Your Dream achieved their tax exempt status in September of 2009 and it appears they are required to file Form 990-N, the form for organizations raising less than $25,000 a year. I find it hard to believe that Reach Your Dream could fund Skal's basketball operations for less than 25K a year but we do not have all the information on this organization, we also have no idea how the structure is organized.

We are announcing our intent to file the appropriate Freedom of Information requests with Gerald Hamilton for Reach Your Dream. All tax exempt non profits are required to turn over the books to any and all privates citizens who request such information. We will be requesting that information.

I have faith in Kentucky's Compliance professionals, they have proven that they can get the job done without risking some of the most amazing Kentucky Basketball History in decades. I will be looking for two key pieces of information; did anyone connected with the Kentucky Basketball program, booster or otherwise, donate funds to Reach Your Dream. I find it hard to believe that anyone connected with the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball program would be this stupid.

The next piece of information we will be reviewing will be the disbursements for this non profit. And again, I truly hope that no one was stupid enough to allow monies from this non profit to find its way to Skal, or Skal's parents.

Unless there are other improprieties with Skal, such as agents and BMWs on loan, the NCAA would likely have no other means of making Skal sit next year. If his so-called guardian violated the law, then that's his problem and at this time there is no proof that Hamilton did anything illegal but this whole thing stinks.

Needless to say this is the shadiest recruitment for Calipari during his tenure at UK. At this time I have agree with those, likely jaded anonymous Cocahes, who told CBS Sports that they seriously doubt Skal will play one minute of college basketball. I would bet a nickle to a million that the NCAA will be, and likely already are, all over this.

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