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With the addition of Hawkins UK has only 2 Scholarships Left

Let the speculation begin. UK added yet another freshman to their star-studded 2013-14 recruiting class bringing the total to 8 incoming freshmen for next year's squad. With the return of Wiltjer, Poythress and Cauley- Stein that brings the scholarship total to 11. 

1. Julius Randal - PF
2. Andrew Harrison - PG
3. Aaron Harrison - SG
4. James Young - SF
5. Dakari Johnson - C
6. Marcus Less - PF
7. Derek Willis  - PF
8. Dominique Hawkins - PG
9. Kyle Wiltjer (Return) - PF
10. Willie Cauley-Stein (Return) - C
11. Alex Poythress (Return)- SF
12. ? "Jon Hood - SF"
13. ? "Jarred Polson - PG" ?"Andrew Wiggins - SF"

We will quickly speculate that maybe Polson and Hood have spots on next year's team as scholarship players. Hood will have to enroll in a post graduate course to play next year as he is on track to graduate. Polson was originally a walk-on so I suspect he will return next year just that, a walk-on. This would leave one scholarship for Jon Hood and one for a potential recruit, such as Andrew Wiggins. So everything is good, so far. I actually think its a moot point considering we already know the fate of Goodwin and Harrow. 

I hope Jon Hood is on the 2013-14 Kentucky Basketball team for the simple fact that he refused to walk out on senior day this past season. He is a fan favorite and should be afforded the right to participate on senior day. So here is hoping that Hood is good. 

We still have room for the number one recruit in the land, Andrew Wiggins as Polson will likely return to walk-on status if he signs on. 

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