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Wiggins' Coach: "Wiggins wants to win a championship in college more than anything". UK is Best Fit for That!

Rob Fulford, Head Coach for the Huntington Prep boys basketball team says that superstar recruit Andrew Wiggins wants to win a championship more than anything when he arrives at whatever campus he chooses next year. The North Carolina pundits are bellowing that next year's Tar Heels team, if a few return, would give him the best shot at reaching his goal of a championship, we can only laugh and sigh at their politicking. But you can't blame them.

If Fulford is speaking truth, from Wiggins himself, and not just offering his opinion I can't see how Wiggins chooses any other school but Kentucky. The following, potential, starting lineup would arguably be the best starting lineup in the history of the game.

1. Wiggins
2. Randal
3. Cauley-Stein
4. Harrison
5. Harrison

Key Reserves

1. Poythress
2. Young
3. Lee
4. Johnson
5. Wiltjer

Holy Cawood Ledford batman! The second team is a top 10 team next year. So we have to wait and see if Wiggins' main priority is winning a championship and not cementing a personal legacy, as his brother suggests  could be his actual priority next year. If that's the case then Wiggins could be Florida state bound as I suspect he will be at this point.

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  1. Wiggins is50/50 coming to Uk,Gordon was never leaving the west,he even said he never even considered Uk until he was on and east coast trip to play a game and "kinda" just dropped by and liked some things about it.He said that UK was never on he's list of serious considerations

  2. If he comes he comes if not well he can sit at home as UK wins ncaa championship next yr then ask him what was important