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UK Wildcats Draft Watch: Where does Noel and Goodwin go in the Draft?

I think we can clear up the question of where UK Freshman stud Nerlens Noel goes is this year's weak NBA Draft immediately; He is a solid top 4 pick and if you believe the pundits he is a number one pick.

Nerlens Noel

Analyzing Noel's Decision to Jump into the Draft:

Projected: 1 through 4

I think it was a no brainer. Noel of course suffered a devastating ACL injury during UK's unsuccessful trip to Gainesville earlier this year so his rehabilitation is set to be a very tough process. So why not get paid while you're rehabbing. If you couple in the fact that this year's NBA Draft class is one of weakest in recent memory Noel made the right decision considering where he is projected. With an allotment of upper level talent possibly declaring next year Noel had to take his shot now. So we wish him the best and he did make the right decision all the way around.

Archie Goodwin

Analyzing Goodwin's Decision to Jump into the Draft:

Goodwin is a tough nut to crack. His decision to go to the draft is probably due to numerous reasons. Probably the biggest factor is the guaranteed decline in playing time next year. Goodwin would have had a tremendous uphill battle ahead of him if he was a member of next year's squad. The Harrison twins have one thing that cannot be defeated, natural chemistry. And considering that Aaron Harrison is probably the best 3 point, and all around, shooter that Calipari has ever recruited it is easy to predict that Aaron would have won the Shooting Guard starting position on next year's team, leaving Goodwin on the bench.

We can also mention the rumors that Goodwin was likely the main culprit behind the cancerous lack of motivation on the 2012-13 Wildcat team. So it is likely that Goodwin would have transferred if he decided against the draft.

Projected: 20 through early Second Round

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  1. No brainer for noel to declare this year.he can't take the chance to reinjure himself again.If you are a top tier pick,you gotta go get the money and take care of the one that took care of you,(hi mama! Quit that lousy job,take this $,new home,car and relax cause I got it on lock)