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Could Nerlens Noel Return to UK Next Year?

There is a small sound of rumblings that Nerlens Noel could actually shock the basketball world and return to UK next year. I don't put much stock in these rumors as Nerlens is a guaranteed top 4 pick in this year's weak NBA Draft.

We could hypothesize as to why Noel would even consider returning for another year for the Cats.

Does Nerlens want a championship? I am sure this is on his mind and I am sure it gives him night sweats as well. If he returned to full form, say, by late January and if he meshed well with the system Noel could provide the type of leadership and energy to catapult the Cats to a ninth championship next year and likely still be a top 4 pick.

Is Noel thinking about an undefeated season? I would say YES YES YES. We will leave it at that..

Is he waiting on a decision from Wiggins? This could be the most intriguing possibility. Noel could be waiting to see what Andrew Wiggins does but Noel has to April 28 to make a decision and Wiggins has stated that he will make his pick in mid-May. So the math doesn't really add up here.

I think Noel is waiting on a simple rehab status report from a few NBA docs and will declare his intentions to enter the draft in the next week or so. He should make the jump because he is guaranteed big bucks and could rehab while getting paid.

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