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2013-14 Kentucky Wildcats: UK Number 1 in Preseason Polls

The Kentucky Wildcats are number one in all preseason polling worth a damn. The expectations for this team is as high as I have ever witnessed in my 30 years of watching college basketball. Probably the only other team that was hyped more was the 1985 Georgetown Hoyas who eventually failed to live up to those mile high expectations. If Andrew Wiggins comes to Lexington then we can safely predict that the 2013-14 Kentucky Wildcats will be, by far, the most hyped college basketball team of the modern era.

We can certainly expect Coach Calipari to call for drug testing for all College Basketball pundits and know-it-alls as he will most likely be downplaying this team's ability well into January. That's what he does, he is certainly a glass half empty type of coach and say what you will he was dead on the money with the 2012-13 team as they stunk it up all the way to a first round loss in the NIT.

The 2012-13 Cats had terrible chemistry and a tendency to high-jack, as Calipari called it, the team, at times. Calipari had no choice but to play the players he had because of the investment made in these players to carry out John Calipari's system. And that system starts with defense.

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