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Calipari's Cats in the NBA; Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, Teague, Jones and Lamb, How do they stack up?

We are far enough along in the NBA season to take a quick-peek at Calipari's 2011-2012 kiddie Cats and observe how they are doing in the league.

1. Anthony Davis (Picked #1 Overall) (New Orleans Hornets)  13 PPG 7.6 RPG 1.6 BPG (Grade A-)
Davis would be 3rd in a hypothetical NBA rookie of the year race but overall he will have a long productive NBA career.

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Picked #2 Overall) (Charlotte Bobcats) 10 PPG 6 RPG (Grade B-)
Recently returned from eye injury, production has slacked off considerably throughout the season. Not even in the top 10 in a hypothetical rookie of the year race.But just like Davis MKG will have a long NBA career.

3. Terrence Jones (Picked #18 Overall) (Houston Rockets) 3.1 PPG 1.2 RPG (Grade D)
Jones has not been on the floor for the Rockets since December 19th partially due to a bruised toe. He has been a disappointment thus far but is a project player. I think there is a 1 in 4 chance Jones will be on a D-League squad next year. He should have stayed at UK

4. Marquis Teague (Picked 29th overall) (Chicago Bulls) 1.7 PPG 1.2 APG (Grade N/A) A reserve guard, not much to talk about... He is a project and appears to have made the right move jumping to the NBA.

5. Doron Lamb (Round Two 12th Pick) (Milwaukee Bucks - Fort Wayne Mad-Ants NBA D-League)
3.4 PG .9 APG (Grade D-)
Lamb was sent packing to the Fort Wayne Mad-Ants but was recently recalled by the Bucks, which is a good sign but Lamb is an undersized shooting guard by NBA standards and will have a tough time in the coming years. He should have stayed at UK.

So there you have it folks. The pundits are usually right about these sort of things and the kids we thought would have a tough time in the NBA are having just that, a tough time. Jones and Lamb should have stayed one more year but hey gotta get those dollars why you can.

Even though by their leaving early they may have cost themselves millions. But that 500 pound gorilla in the room will always be in the room, that being; the threat of injury if they would have returned. I am starting to think that this excuse is just that, an excuse.

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