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UK's win streak at home comes to an end

What can I say Kentucky fans?.....UK ended its home winning streak with an embarrassing 64-55 defeat at the hands of Baylor.  Once again...horrible shot selection, lack of rebounding, lack of aggressive play, sub par play by Noel, and almost NO play by Kyle Wiltjer , who spent most of the second half on the pine, is making for a what Kentucky fans are bracing for to be a very long and frustrating season.

Coach Cal is going to have to do some things he is not accustomed to doing if he expects to win with this squad this year.  Things like, oh....I don't know......offensive plays maybe?  Playing more than 6 main players.  And no doubt he is going to have to encourage a coupe of super freshman to hang out for more than one year in order to develop some leadership on the court.  Strap in Kentucky fans!  If these Cats don't find their heart, and find it soon..they will be watching March Madness from their TV sets at home.

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