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NCAA Seems Real Interested in Nerlens Noel; Let Hypocrisy Reign!

The hypocrite police are on the job. The NCAA is ignoring a major academic scandal at North Carolina, while using the lame excuse , and I quote, that at North Carolina "everyone" in the student body had equal opportunity to cheat, and not just athletes, so there is no cause for an NCAA investigation. That's a horse-shit excuse, today, tomorrow and forever. But they are keeping the heat on UK recruit Nerlens Noel.

We reported back in April that recruiting players like Noel and Muhammad presented a considerable risk for UK but recruiting top players is what we do and the University of Kentucky seems content on accepting that inherent risk.

Noel's association with people like Chris Driscoll is a major risk factor involved in this investigation. It is as transparent as glass, so speculate all you want, but Driscoll is a crook and he was caught, now it would not surprise me if he acts out the role of a freshly caught crook and drags down to the bloody depths anyone and everyone he may have had contact with. The sad part is a "kid" may suffer the most. Here is an excerpt from our April column.

The sheet on Driscoll is a mile long and ten miles wide. He conned his way into an assistant coaching position, a job he was certainly not qualified for, at Providence College. It has been said that the only reason Discroll was hired at Providence was the promise of the successful recruitment of Noel. Driscoll appears to have had a bogus degree from Amherst University and a heavily fudged resume that claimed he raised millions of dollars for multiple non profits when the figure was actually in the tens of thousands, not millions. Driscoll was also under investigation by the school for supposedly asking a player to fake injury so Providence would lose games, in turn the head coach would be fired and Driscoll believed he would then obtain the head coaching position. A charge that the school could not, or was unwilling to, prove.. LINK

Chris Driscoll, in our opinion, is the talking point of this investigation, we may be wrong but I would place the smart money on Driscoll. The NCAA has it out for Calipari and the hounds from hell will dog him as long as he is a top-tier coach in the NCAA. Sure, Calipari comes off as a slick ex-politician-now-used-car-salesman but his track record of success speaks for itself. We have been, and when warranted will continue to be, critical of Coach Cal but we smell a face-saving witch-hunt and I will not be surprised if the NCAA makes Noel sit for a considerable portion of the season.

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