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Kentucky should retire Anthony Davis's jersy

After arguably the greatest performance by a freshman in the history of NCAA basketball, there is a lot of talk as to whether or not Kentucky should retire Anthony Davis's number.  Of course they should!! Never in Kentucky history has a player in his first year contributed to a team the way Davis did.  His presence in the paint took the cats from a very good team to one of the greatest teams in big blue history.  Never in NCAA history has a player controlled a championship game going only 1-10 from the field by grabbing 16 rebounds and dominating the defensive paint with 6 block shots.  Never in Kentucky history has a player been compared to a Bill Russell or a Kevin Garnett in his freshman year.  And talk about a resume!!!  Davis's awards include SEC Player of the Year,  NCAA final four MVP,  and National Player of the Year.  Not to mention Mr. Davis broke every shot block record in SEC history on his way to leading the wildcats to an 8th national championship.  This is a no brainer. When I go to watch a game in Rupp next year, I want to see number 23 flying high in the rafters.  Its the right thing to do.

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