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Yahoo Sports; Calipari and Barnhart Feud? World-Wide-Wes at it again

Leave it to Yahoo Sports to either destroy a program or unveil some new revelation that may force a re-think in the way be view our sports heroes. Not that I am knocking their ability to find the shower scum, or that gross stuff that grows in your toilet when you fail to brush it (bachelor here). They certainly have the investigative talent and resources to find near anything they choose to find.

In a not-so-bad hit piece by Adrian Wojnarowski he reveals a few unknown, or forgotten, facts with regard to Calipari's tenure as the boss of bosses with the New Jersey Nets in the late 90's and how he virtually became a madman obsessed with power and control. This obsession, coupled with his abusive nature, and his everyday paranoia ultimately became the catalyst for Calipari's unceremonious departure from the team.

The article may also reveal something unknown for the run-of-the-mill UK basketball fan, the rumor of strife between Calipari and Kentucky's Athletic Director. If true, then Mitch Barnhart may need to create a new Monster DOT Com account and spit shine that resume. Because Calipari can now write his own ticket, hell, the man can invent a new ticket if he wants. He won a National Championship, the first major sports championship in the Barnhart era. Mitch can in no way take any credit for it. In conclusion; there is no chance for Barnhart if he decides to engage Calipari in a one-on-one grudge match, in our modestly uninformed opinion of course.

Of course there can be no pseudo Calipari conspiracy article without a mention of William Wesley, A.K.A World Wide Wes. According to Yahoo Sport's Wesley's employer, Creative Artists Agency, is well positioned to be the perfect middleman for any "off the radar" negotiations between Calipari and the Knicks organization.

We will simply have to wait and see what happens. Personally, I think Calipari would be a damned fool (excuse the french) to leave the BBN as he is General Patton within this Commonwealth. He is in command, make no doubt about it. Calipari would not have that sort of control with the Knicks as their maniacal owner, James Dolan, has turned on everyone in the last decade, and the owner is the owner, Calipari will lose that fight. Dolan will tell Calipari he has control but at the first sign of trouble Calipari will receive a new daily playbook from the big man's penthouse office and there is nothing Calipari can do about it.

You can read the Yahoo Sport's article HERE

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