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Why World Wide Wes is Good for College Basketball

Every few weeks someone posts something, on some comment board, with regard to some story, about World Wide Wes and most of those comments are uninformed and negative. I have also been guilty of that same offense in the past as well.

However, I have analyzed this mysterious figure and no I don't have some secret source feeding me secret info that will expand our understanding of William "World Wide Wes" Wesley. I am former political operative, and I have been to "The Show", the big tent of politics and I am satisfied with my performance on that stage. I am not some flashy bleached white toothed grinning baboon you meet at fundraisers, I am the guy in the shadows, the wolf in the weeds. I purposely refuse to have one of my front teeth capped, this tooth was damaged during a high school gym wrestling incident, so I can have a genuine "Black Tooth Grin". I like to roam behind the scenes because that is where the action truly is. I believe this to be the same type of "motive" that fuels World Wide Wes. And if one is to gather a complete understanding of how to survive in this behind the scenes world, being politics or professional sports, one will know that the key is longevity. Sure, the criminal element also exists within this realm, but they don't last very long. No matter how well you think you have covered your tracks, if you operate as a criminal you will get caught, no exceptions.

World Wide Wes has been connected for over 20 years in professional sports and no one has ever challenged him. Why? Is he a gangster that will "rub-you-out"? Does he have a farm in rural Michigan with lime pits already dug if you do? Certainly not. He survives by staying on the down low, he can be trusted not to "use" his connections to gain "personal-in-the-public-eye" fame. It seems he has no interest in being a GQ cover boy just as I had no interest in being seen with the politicians I represented.

This leads me to my comments on William Wesley's relationship with scholastic athletes. There is NO crime committed on the professional level by obtaining a favor via a financial incentive. However, it is absolutely forbidden by the bloated powers of the NCAA for scholastic or college athletes to receive any form of financial assistance. It is a crime worthy of a trial at The Hague if you get caught. The haters in college sports are many, especially when it comes to John Calipari and or Kentucky basketball. They line up like vultures to pick and rip at the flesh, and they also love to speculate about the cash being passed around by this World Wide Wes to elite high-school athletes who commit to John Calipari. Remember what I wrote above; if you operate in a criminal or highly unethical manner you will get caught, eventually. World Wide Wes has been around the AAU scene for over a decade. Yes, they have been flash in the pan controversies that have led nowhere, nothing, absolutely nothing has stuck to William Wesley nor John Calipari. How can this be? Because I honestly believe William Wesley is doing nothing wrong and this will ensure his longevity in the sport. And I believe this is a part of his master plan.

Wesley is nothing more than a very well connected individual who is plugged in everywhere in the NBA. He quietly strolls into the locker rooms of teams who are competing in the NBA finals. He roams the facilities during NBA games without a press pass or any other credential other than his face. And yes, he is wise enough to spot the top tier scholastic talent and is wise enough to approach them, befriend them, maybe introduce them to a mogul or two and likely these athletes are in-turn smart enough to realize NOT to burn William Wesley. Just do as he says, walk the path he lays out in front of you and you will be driving the Bentley in a little over one year after committing to a school that will prepare you for that all important date, the most important date of your young life, the NBA Draft, where dreams really do come true, where the American Dream is realized, truly realized for teenagers who commonly grow up in poverty and crime stricken ghettos.

Why would World Wide Wes need to carry around 50K in cash to lure these kids to a college that will prepare them for their professional careers? It would make no sense what-so-ever for William Wesely to operate in that manner because his longevity would be threatened when, not if, he gets caught. Yes, it is a slap in the face of this "myth" called the collegiate athlete. The type of athlete who is more concerned with a degree than a professional career. Times have changed people, the top tier talent want that shiny ring, they want to cash in that lottery ticket, and if they walk a certain path they will get there. I have said multiple times that the one-and-done athlete carries a certain amount of risk because no one truly knows what a 17 year old kid, who knows he will be a millionaire very soon, will do if a true vampire approaches him with a suitcase full of cash. This type of athlete has indeed burned Calipari in the past. Derick Rose was pampered in high school, even to the point of having someone else take his SAT. It does happen, Rose was the god of his high school domain and it came back to haunt Calipari at Memphis. And I will predict it will happen again.

We view college basketball as entertainment, the old school mind-set with regard to the pageantry of the sport is lost forever, only a few old relics like Bobby Knight is keeping that mindset alive within the consciousness of the media. Just like Dick Vital went nuts, in a negative manner, over the Fab Five at Michigan because of their inner city African American mannerisms and baggy shorts. These old relics have no idea what is going on, they simply want someone to remember them, and the death of a star in the vast expanse of outer-space is violent, and so is the death of these relics. They spew venom like a pit viper just to be noticed. Like it or not the World Wide Wes system is THE system if you want to be successful in the one and done arena and no one should pass judgement on Calipari for taking advantage of that system. In reality I honestly believe that a school who operates outside this World Wide Wes system is more likely to get burned, at least William Wesley has a system, and it works.

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