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UPDATED: Who Goes and Who Stays? 2011-12 UK Wildcat Basketball Team and the NBA Draft

It is time for an update of the big draft boards for the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft. All 3 major mock draft sites have been updated and now that the confetti has settled we can see if a shift has occurred.

Anthony Davis: Fa geta bout it... He is money at Number 1

Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist: As of today he is a Top 3 lock

Terrence Jones: Lets see if Terrence Jones' draft status has changed..

Last Draft Position:
Draft Express: 11th
My NBA Draft: 18th
NBA Draft.net: 18th

Current Draft Position (updated April 4-5)
Draft Express: No change
My NBA Draft: 15th - Up 3 positions
NBA Draft.net: 20th - Down 2 positions

Conclusion on Jones: Jones got smacked around a bit by a very negative article from the Bleacher Report yesterday. I am not sure if this article influenced any of these mock draft boards, and I seriously doubt that it did, but we can see that his draft status elevated 3 positions on one board and sank 2 positions on the other. This is evidence that people are not so sure about Jones at this point in time. If there is any player in this year's class that needs to workout for multiple NBA teams it is Jones. If these numbers hold pat I would advise that Jones return for his junior season at Kentucky.

Marquis Teague: Many of the draft pundits have Teague as the 5th best point guard in this draft class. Considering that this year's draft is a baron desert at the point guard position 5th best may not be so bad.

Last Draft Position:
Draft Express: 18th
My NBA Draft: 21st
NBA Draft.net: 28th

Current Draft Position (updated April 4-5)
Draft Express: No change
My NBA Draft: No Change
NBA Draft.net: 27th - Up one position

Conclusion on Teague: There is virtually no change in his draft status and that is a due in part to the lack of point guards in this year's draft. Teams traditionally draft point guards as they need them, so I don't expect much change in his draft status. However, if Teague believes he is going to be drafted in the 1st round, which is highly likely, I truly expect him to make the leap and enter the draft.

Doron Lamb: Lamb, in my opinion, is the one prospect that will likely to return to UK. At 6-4 Lamb is an undersized shooting guard and his slow release will also make some NBA executives back off. Let's see if he has shifted at all.

Last Draft Position:
Draft Express: 4th pick second round
My NBA Draft: 3rd pick second round
NBA Draft.net: 23rd

Current Draft Position (updated April 4-5)
Draft Express: 3rd Pick second round - Up one position
My NBA Draft: No change
NBA Draft.net: 18th - Up 5 positions

Conclusion on Lamb: NBA Draft.net really likes Lamb as you can see by the disparity between his mock draft position on the 3 top boards. With Lamb we may have to take a look at Chad Ford's big board at ESPN to see if Lamb breaks into his top 20, which he does not. As of now I would expect Lamb to return but we also have to factor in Calipari's influence on the draft and his "phone calls", truly does carry a lot of weight. But still, this would only ensure that Lamb would be a 1st round pick, likely a very late 1st round pick. Lamb could return and find himself as a lottery pick in 2013.

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