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UK Basketball: Let the Media Begin their 2012 NBA Draft Manipulation

We see it everyday, but we don't see it. We recognize it but yet we don't. That being the sports media's manipulation of the NBA draft. Call me paranoid but it seems that in year's past, and I expect the floodgates to open yet again this year, the media goes berserk over certain players at the end of the season, the same players they completely ignored or rebuked in the regular season. Players who may be on the cusp of leaving college and entering the NBA draft. Players that are teetering between the 1st and 2nd rounds. This is especially evident with the UK Men's Basketball team. The media can manipulate your draft status, make no mistake about it, it happens. I can foresee this happening with Jones, Teague and Lamb really soon.

But we may have an honest broker within the woodpile of snakes and spiders that is the sports media. I say honest because the article in question travels against the grain of what I expected. The Bleacher Report published a pessimistic analysis of Terrence Jones' NBA potential. They slammed his offensive game and maturity level. They stated that Jones has the potential to be great but he is simply not great at this moment in time, that in my mind is very honest analysis.

We know that the Bleacher Report is certainly no ESPN, so now we wait and see what kind of gushing reviews the ESPN vampires will write with regard to Lamb, Teague and Jones because I know without a doubt that ESPN absolutely hates UK sports, so they certainly would love to see these three young men move on to the NBA. I know that seems extremely paranoid and I am a practical man, I see things in digital much like the Matrix, ones and zeros, on and off, it is or it is not. So a conspiracy minded person I am certainly not but ESPN is so transparent with regard to their total disdain for the Kentucky Wildcats Men's Basketball team it doesn't take Oliver Stone to see the conspiracy.

So standby and wait for the over-the-top articles praising Lamb, Teague and Jones..Bank on it...

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