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Terrence Jones NBA Draft stock on the rise

It appears that Terrence Jones' NBA draft position is on the rise, with a bullet. It was reported, or tweeted, by Chad Ford from ESPN that Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist and Jones were ready to commit to the NBA draft.

Let's examine Jones' hypothetical draft position at this moment in time. We will also include Chad Ford's top ten as well.

Last Draft Position:
Draft Express: 11th
My NBA Draft: 15th
NBA Draft.net: 20th

Current Draft Position (updated April 4-5)
Draft Express: No change
My NBA Draft: 12th - Up 3 positions
NBA Draft.net: No Change
ESPN Mock Draft: 10th

As you can see almost all the notable NBA Mock Draft boards has Jones as a lottery pick, or close to it. If these numbers hold I would expect Jones to enter the draft at any time.

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