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Rumor Mill: Calipari and the Knicks

We will have to face this eventually, the chance that Calipari will leave his self proclaimed "dream job" for the ultimate challenge; to become an NBA championship coach. It is no secret that Calipari may receive a phone call in the next few days, or weeks, with an offer to come to New York and guide a team loaded with talent to the glory land of professional sports.

However, we must ask ourselves this; does Calipari have the type of ego that will suck him back into that unforgiving meat grinder of the NBA? Sure he does, no doubt about it, but Calipari has been there and done that, and failed. Men of Calipari's ilk cannot stand to fail at anything; being at marbles or coaching. No matter what the man says his dismal tenure in the NBA a decade ago will always be a thorn in his side.

But Calipari has not used the type of language that suggests that after his run at Kentucky bigger challenges await. He has repeatedly stated that after UK will be "life after basketball". Is this nothing more than tactical propaganda from a well-oiled politician-like coach or is he for real? If he is for real and intends to coach at this level for a few more years (6 or 7) and then moves on to enjoy his golden years as a retired Hall of Fame college coach then there is no reason to believe he has the NBA in his sights.

Calipari has already sent out the "no interest" Tweet with regard to the Knicks' job but he must reiterate that sentiment in the next few days to weeks to ensure a healthy blood pressure level for the BBN.

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