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Predictions: Which School(s) will Noel and Muhammad Choose?

Personally, I don't think Kentucky was really in the running for Muhammad or Noel before we won the National Championship, that's just my gut feeling about the matter. Now on to tomorrow's grand announcement. Everyone and their grandmothers will be tuning into ESPNU to see which school, or schools, scholastic standouts Shabazz Muhammad and Nerlens Noel will choose.

Kentucky fans have quickly moved on from the euphoria of winning a National Championship and are now largely hypnotized by the fight for the top two high school recruits in the nation. I also believe that Kentucky's National Championship catapulted the Cats into the lead for both, but only for a moment. Like all young people, speaking of Noel and Muhammad, they were also caught up in the moment, the excitement of watching a team packed full of Freshmen and Sophomores win it all. After a few days have passed so has the excitement.

I hope I am wrong (I really, really, hope I am wrong) but I don't think Noel nor Muhammad will attend the University of Kentucky next fall. I don't get "that vibe" from neither of them. I truly think Noel will choose Syracuse as the school is much closer to home and considering that Noel doesn't come from a wealthy family, the only way they will be able to attend a multitude of games is for Noel to attend a school close to home. This is what my gut is telling me. I believe Fab Melo's decision to enter the NBA Draft tipped the scales for the guys in orange.

I think Muhammad is 50-50 on the Cats at this very moment in time as the publicity will be his to tame. He will be the face of college basketball in a UK Wildcat uniform. In the end I think he will choose UCLA. Simply because it is closer to home. I lived on the west-coast for a while as a young man and you feel like an alien being from the east, it seems a million miles away. UCLA is of course in the coveted L.A. media market, high flying Hollywood. Muhammad is more Sunset Strip than he is Kentucky Derby.

So there it is, I think UK misses this year; but how can we as Kentucky fans complain? The smart ones can't complain. I truly hope I am wrong...and I have been wrong a lot...

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