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Kentucky Wildcats and the NBA Draft, Calipari needs to get it over with!

The recruiting season is not quite over yet, as another top ten stud is still on the board with Anthony Bennett. UK is already, even with the possibility of no returning starters, in the top 3 to 5 to win it all next year. If we get a surprise or two with regard to the possibility that a player or two may stay then UK would be almost a lock for a repeat Final Four appearance as the NCAA is truly wide open next year.

I feel that it is important for the Calipari to allow his players to announce their intentions sooner than later as it may drastically effect Bennett's recruitment and the possibility of landing, or not, Oriakhi if we wait. I know Calipari is trying to make a point with regard to the NCAA's ridiculous April 9th deadline but I feel he has already made his point.

We know that Anthony Davis is going to the draft, come'on Calipari; don't you think everyone in America, and probably China, knows this? It makes no tactical sense to drag it out, unless of course Calipari is planning a mega group announcement, which is of course a possibility.

Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist

This Kidd is ready, he needs to go, now. Kidd-Gilchrist's style of play is rough, hard-nosed, linebacker basketball and the possibility of injury, if he returns, is not only likely but probable. So there is no real choice in the matter unless Kidd-Gilchrist simply wants to come back, it is however his choice at the end of the day. As of now he is in the top 3 to 5 no matter what.

Terrence Jones

This young man's draft status has risen from the anxiety riddled region of late first round to a near solid lottery pick. His draft status seems solid at the moment. My expectation is; Jones is gone, as he should be. He took a huge chance coming back for this year's championship run as he was a solid lottery pick in the 2010-11 draft but he dodged the bullet and his draft status is very similar to last year.

Doron Lamb

We announced that Doron Lamb's draft status was on the rise late last week. However, his status is back in limbo as Lamb is projected to go in the 2nd round on 2 out of 3 credible mock draft boards. It may be too risky for Lamb to pull the trigger now. If he comes back for a third season he will likely be our primary scoring threat and the unchallenged leader of the team. If we make another run at the title I have no doubt that Lamb's draft status will climb dramatically in the 2013 NBA Draft from an early second rounder, as he is currently, to solid top 20, or maybe top 15 draft pick. A lottery pick for Lamb is reaching a bit unless he averages 30 a game next year.

Marquis Teague

I truly feel that all the pundits that are mostly predicting a return for Teague are forgetting about his his brother, Jeff Teague, who stars for the Atlanta Hawks. This eliminates any money issues Teague may have by going late in the 1st round. So I truly expect Teague to go to the draft. Teague will also have to complete with Ryan Harrow for a starting position next year, which would be no small challenge as Harrow is actually projected higher in the 2013 NBA Draft than Teague is this year, without even playing a single game in the 2011-12 season. So Teague would have a tough road. BUT, Teague may surprise us all because next year's draft will be starving for point gaurds even more so than this year's draft. Teague may very well work himself into a lottery pick, actually I would almost guarantee Teague would be a lottery pick if he returns.


So there you have it. Calipari needs to allow these players to announce their decisions as I am sure their decisions are already made. Especially after last night's announcement by Noel. I did find it strange that not ONE single player, discussed in this article, Tweeted any love toward Noel or UK after last night's announcement, not one. Which too me is really strange.

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