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Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NBA Draft Update: Darius Miller's Stock Rising

We already know that Anthony Davis, Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones are top 15 locks, or in the case of Jones, at least a top 20 lock. Marquis Teague is still hovering between 17th and 25th, so he appears to be at least a first round lock. So no real need in providing much of an update for those players.

Doron Lamb on the other hand is still hovering between the first and second round. If Lamb goes in the second round it can only be considered a major disappointment as there is no guaranteed contract for second round draft picks. Lamb would have to battle for a roster spot. We can only speculate that NBA front office personnel are still wary of Lamb considering his lack of size and considering that he is not a true 2 guard. Hopefully Lamb is not Calipari's first draft failure and as we have written here before, and we will repeat yet again, Lamb's draft stock would have risen dramatically if he would have returned for his junior year.

The big news is the fact that Darius Miller's draft stock, a player that wasn't even projected as a 2nd round pick, is rising dramatically. On 2 of the mock draft boards Miller has went from nowhere to an early 2nd round pick. And we can speculate that Miller may even overtake Lamb on a few of these mock draft boards in the coming weeks. Miller has NBA size, he is a 6-8 guard who can shoot, who can handle the ball, who can drive to the basket and who can defend the ball. He may be one of the biggest surprises in UK NBA Draft history. It would not surprise me if Miller eventually becomes a late first round pick, and to go a step further, it would not surprise me if Miller is drafted before Lamb.

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