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Keeping an eye on Doron Lamb's Draft Status

To start off I think Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague are solid first round NBA Draft picks, so there is no real need to keep a close eye on their draft status. However, I do feel that Lamb may have made a bad choice jumping into this year's draft.

We have to analyze the "what-ifs" because there will be no way of knowing what would have happened if Lamb would have return for a 3rd season. What's done is done, Lamb is gone. I truly wish Lamb all the luck in the world and I also sincerely hope Lamb makes it into the first round.

As of right now Lamb's Draft status is hovering between the 1st and 2nd rounds but the scale is tipping toward a likely 2nd round pick.

Last Reported Draft Status

Draft Express: 3rd Pick Second Round
My NBA Draft: 1st Pick Second Round
NBA Draft. Net: 18th Pick


Draft Express: 3rd Pick Second Round (No change)
My NBA Draft: 1st Pick Second Round (No Change)
NBA Draft. Net: 24th Pick (Drops 6 Spots)

Conclusion on Lamb

We may be able to explain why Lamb dropped 6 dramatic positions on NBA Draft.net as they currently have him the 24th pick chosen "hypothetically" by the Boston Celtics who may want to draft a decent shooting guard as a future replacement for the all-time NBA 3-point shooter Ray Allen.

These boards should start to shift dramatically over the next 4 weeks as news from the multitude of workouts begin to leak out. We will also gain a better understanding of individual team needs in the coming weeks.

Lamb better be on his A-Game in these workouts, he simply cannot afford to take one minute off in the next 6 weeks.

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