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John Calipari openly criticizes NCAA President

It is no secret that a thick cloud of animosity exists between the NCAA and Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari. Calipari has never backed down from openly expressing his disdain for the NCAA and he continued that trend at a fundraiser for Sanford University when Calipa criticized NCAA Presiden Mark Emmert over his position on the one-and-done situation in college basketball.

During his speech, Calipari criticized NCAA President Mark Emmert for his position on one-and-done players, a rule Calipari says he doesn't like, either.
"The NCAA president said let them go right out of high school? What?" Calipari said. "How many ninth graders will think, 'I'm going right to the NBA?' Five hundred? One thousand? Now those kids will be really focused on academics. How could you make that statement? Source: Al.com

We expect this will not be Calipari's last negative comment directed at the NCAA. We may criticize Calipari from time to time but we openly applaud his criticism of the NCAA and the guts he displays when he does so. Other coaches in D1 should take note.

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