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GUY and TREVATHAN got a raw deal in the NFL 2012 draft.

 Kentucky football fans finally got to see their superstar linebacker Danny Trevathan NFL drafed by the Denver Broncos...........in the 6th round for Denver's final pick!!  .

How in the world can an athlete like Trevathan, who is arguably the best linebacker in Kentucky football history, get passed over until the sixth round.  He was responsible for 198 tackles and numerous fumbles during his career.  This is despicable. The one bright spot is that he gets an opportunity to play with fellow UK linebacker Wesley Woodyard

Winston Guy, who was also drafted by the Sea hawks in the six round, is a fast and determined safety who was number 2 on the tackling list for the cats with 106...not to mention a 96yard TD return during the Georgia game last year after taking over the kick return responsibility after Locke left.  However, look for Guy to get some playing time after Atari Biglay left to San Diego on Free Agency. Both on special teams and at the safety position.

Nevertheless, UK fans will no doubt get to watch a couple of very exciting players in Guy and Trevathan on their respective teams this year.  They will make there mark and will start making contributions early.

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