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The Greatest Player in NBA History Leading the Worst Team in NBA History

Every once in awhile we will take a breather from the boiler-room that is Kentucky and SEC sports. One interesting situation is that the Charlotte Bobcats are close to making NBA history but not the type of history that one would be proud of. The Bobcats need to defeat one of their two remaining opponents to avoid having the worst winning percentage of all time, which would be a pitiful .106, considering the short NBA season this year.

Team owner Micheal Jordan, who is arguably the greatest player in NBA history, is leading the Bobcats down the raspberry road. He is absolutely to blame and he will be blamed. We know that Jordan's sacred cow aura has shielded him from a lot of negativity during his laughable career as an NBA owner and exec but this will not save him this time.

We can look back at one of the worst executive decisions in the last 10 years when Jordan fired Larry Brown. Brown had led the Bobcats to their first, and only, playoff appearance and after a slow start the following season Jordan fired Brown. If Brown would have been provided a little room to build there is no doubt that the Bobcats would be a successive franchise today instead of a bottom dwelling joke.

So here's to you king Jordan! And the remix of one of the most well known sports slogans of all time, that being; "I want to be like Mike" remixed to "You don't want to be like Mike".

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  1. Mike has found out its a little different managing than executing. Just because you can spend money doesn't mean you can manage it. Same with sports. Just because you can play on the floor doesn't mean you can make executive decisions for the team. Mike would be more successful if he just came back and tried to play....