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For those about to return, we salute you!!

     Wildcat fans would no doubt still be speculating as to when UK would be bringing home our eighth national title if it weren't for players like Miller, Lamb and Jones making the decision to come back to school.  I say "our eighth" because that's how Kentucky fans feel.  We claim this team as our own.  Very rarely will you here a cats fan say, " Kentucky won last night."  I promise you at least 99 times out of a 100..at least in my home town..you will hear, " WE won last night."  Kentucky basketball is our passion.  We follow them with as much detail as we do our home town high school.  If Kentucky plays on a Saturday night you can tell if  "we" won just by going to church the next morning and looking at the gloomy expressions on the congregations faces.   We allow our children to to stay up late during the week to watch a game that is airing on delay.  As soon as the current seasons ends, we are researching the most up to date info on the upcoming seasons recruits.  What can I say...WE LOVE OUR CATS.

     No reasonable person can blame a young man for entering the NBA draft.....if they are ready.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime. After all, who wouldn't want to make millions playing a game they love. And we have to accept that times have changed.  Twenty years ago you had never heard of a freshman leaving for the pros.  With the exception of your occasional Kobe Bryant or Lebron James, you could bet a thousand dollars against a buffalo nickle that your favorite player would play at least to their sophomore year.  Now we have twice as many NBA teams with the ever growing "D" league promising to develope new players.  Athletes are also far more talented and start much younger than they did even as recently as the 1990's.  So this wildcat fan understands that more one and done players will be wearing Kentucky blue as long as Coach Cal has the Midas touch with recruiting.  Kentucky fans owe Lamb, Jones and Miller a big thank you for coming back and giving OUR team its eighth national title.  I hope we continue to have players with NBA talent who follow their example and grace us with the privilege of watching them play.  To them, and to the players who may decide to return for at least one more year...we salute you!!

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