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Doron Lamb is sneaking into the 1st round of the NBA Draft

It appears that Terrence Jones is not the only Kentucky Wildcat with a rising NBA Draft status, sharpshooter Doron Lamb appears to be surging, although slightly. But this mini-surge is important as it may solidify Lamb as a bona fide 1st round pick.

Last Draft Position:
Draft Express: 3rd pick second round
My NBA Draft: 3rd pick second round
NBA Draft.net: 18th

Current Draft Position (updated April 5-6)
Draft Express: No Change
My NBA Draft: 29th Pick - 1st Round - Up 5 positions
NBA Draft.net: No Change

As you can see Lamb is inching closer to the 1st round. But then again this is late first round but we must still consider the "Calipari Impact" as Calipari can probably give Lamb a couple for positions upward in the draft simply by his influence on the process. If Lamb can find his way into the top 20 he may actually make the jump, but it is still a long shot.

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