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Commentators eating their words after UK historical championship run

The Bluegrass State is in a complete state of jubilee after the 67-59 national championship victory over the Kansas Jayhawks, the first since 1998 ending a very emotional 14 year drought. Basketball fans enjoyed one of the most entertaining NCAA tournaments in history. Hoop fans also had the rare priviledge watching multiple #2 seeds like Duke going home in the first round. Upsets became the norm as mid-majors fought to show that their basketball skill matched that of the Div-I elites. The Final Four in the Big Easy was by far the most promising college basketball event in modern times with inter-state icons the University of Kentucky Wildcats meeting with their old friends from across the state, the Louisville Cardinals. Not to mention blue blood heavyweights the Kansas Jayhawks going heads up with previous #1 ranked Ohio State. And the only finish this storybook event this could possibly have...superheavyweights and the overall #1 seed University of Kentucky taking on an equally traditional basketball dynasty, The Kansas Jayhawks for the 2012 National Championship. A rematch and a shot at revenge for Coach Cal's 2008 disappointing loss to Kansas in the final minutes. And what a game it was. Superstars vs superstars. Davis vs. Robinson. Senior leadership coupled with freshman energy. Both Coaches served their respective teams well and gave us one of the greatest games in modern times, and possibly the greatest performance by a college athlete in the history of the final four that earned him the tourneys top honors with only going 1-10 from the field and scoring 6 points. But the 6'10 player of the year did grab 16 rebounds, 6 block shots and 5 assists. Anthony Davis is a multi-dimensional player capable of controlling the game from multiple angles. And controlled it he did. His defensive performance in the 2012 championship game has no doubt revolutionized the way centers are going to develope their respective game in the very immediate future. Even if you had nothing at stake and were just a sports fan, there is little doubt that this years NCAA tournament served you well.

This may come as a shock to some basketball fans, but there are those who do not share our joy and celebrating the success of our beloved Kentucky Wildcats. I know its hard for people to believe, but there is a strong bias in the sports media that don't like to see basketball powerhouses like Kentucky achieving these unbelievable triumphs with a controversial one and done system, or any system for that matter that is not a conventional one. There are well known commentators and analysts who show no signs of rejoicing when a dynasty like Kentucky gets a shot at prestige and glory over a more deserving program like a, uh, I don't know......DUKE!! Or maybe North Carolina. Its slim picking for this guys in the SEC, but a Vanderbilt win would have satisfied our commentating elite. Certainly a Syracuse or a Kansas National Championship would have also been idea. But no, not another Kentucky National Championship banner in Rupp Arena!!!

Virtually every college basketball media guru (especially the legendary icons of ESPN fame Dick Vitale and Digger Phelps) had said for the previous three years since Cal took the reins of UK basketball that he couldn’t win a national championship playing a front-loaded freshman lineup. Cal had countered repeatedly that it will happen, and now it has.

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Or you could have read Seth Davis as http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/seth_davis/03/29/Final.Four/index.htmles giving his examples of how to beat Kentucky prior to the final four kicking off. Bet you would never have seen that against Duke or North Carolina.

Clark Kellog Has always been interesting to listen to during a UK game. Doesn't matter who they are playing, the comments are the same. Mr. Kellog continued whining during the UK/UL final four game cheering for the Cardinals and was constantly blurting out frustrating sound bites ( as if Pitino need him) on what UL was doing wrong and how they could come back against the seemingly unstoppable cats. Lets face it America, Calipari won UK's 8th National Championship using a philosophy that was thought useless. We were wrong, and UK is back on top where they belong like it or not Digger, Kellog, Vital. The ACC didn't dominate this year. The SEC did. Football and Basketball. And here's a shocking prophecy....I don't think were are going anywhere again anytime soon.

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