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Anthony Bennett and Amile Jefferson waiting each other out

Ahhh you got to love the late signing period don't you. Every year we have one or two players who push it all the way toward the end. This year is no exception. Top prospects, that are left that is, Anthony Bennett and Amile Jefferson appear to be playing a waiting game trying to discern what the other will do and it appears to be revolving around Kentucky's recruitment of both players.

Jefferson appeared ready to commit to the North Carolina State Wolfpack a few short weeks ago but with the return of C.J Leslie this may have forced Jefferson to have second thoughts, especially when Kentucky cranked up their interest in the long athletic forward, or at least that's the reports.

Anthony Bennett on the other hand has been SILENT as a church mouse and made it perfectly clear he was not going to commit until early May. There were a few stray reports that indicated Bennett was ready to sign with the Cats but none of these "reports" came to fruition. Bennett has continued to be very HUSH HUSH and just like the decision by Noel no one knows a dang thing. This is why speculation is not running rampant with regard to Bennett as everyone and their grandmothers, including myself, had it completely wrong with Noel. However, Noel did indicate last week that he believed we have a slightly better than a coin flips chance of landing Bennett, so we can speculate that he is struggling with his decision, as expected.

But now we have a genuine siege of decision. It would be nice if Jefferson would give Bennett a ring and just ask which school he is attending, if he has made up his mind. That is wishful thinking on my part but it could happen. I expect we will still be drenched with expectation this time next week but that will not stop us from speculating, that's part of the fun. There are however scant reports that Jefferson will announce this Friday, but we have heard this before, so we will have to wait and see.

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