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What Did We Learn from the Kentucky Victory Over North Carolina?

What Did We Learn from the Kentucky North Carolina Game?......We learned that these young Cats will step up to the plate if need be and play more like a team instead of individuals. I have been consistent in my opinion that if these young kids ever became a team that flows within established offensive sets (not all the time, but most of the time) the 2011-12 Kentucky Wildcats would be absolutely unbeatable.

We did learn that Kentucky still has problems on the high screen on defense thus allowing relatively open three point shots. Kentucky was blistered from the perimeter but dominated the paint that saved us. The stats tells us that UK shot a miserable 23.5% from the three point line. This low shooting percentage from three was not a result, in my opinion, from a monstrous defensive effort by the Tar Heels, the low percentage can be blamed on bad shooting, we simply could not hit the shots. Doron Lamb's 2 heroic three point shots late in the game was, in my mind, the definitive game changing shot(s). Without those two big shots, we lose. I don't think UK could have made up for it in the paint because North Carolina was dead on from the perimeter. You cannot trade 2 points for 3 points every time down the floor, you will lose.

The two shocking stats from yesterday's game; the smoking hot three point shooting percentage by North Carolina and Kentucky's abysmal three point shooting average, was an exception not the rule. I think Calipari is going to make sure these young Cats know how to peel off a screener to better defend the three point shot. And there will be games when UK simply doesn't shoot well from the outside, it happens.

The amazing fact of yesterday's game is the reality that if UK would have shot their normal 45% from three and North Carolina would have shot their normal 35% from three, while rightfully assuming that Kentucky would have still dominated the paint, yesterday's game would have been a blowout. Kentucky would have won the game by 15 or more. The fact that UK even won the game in the first place should put all other UK opponents on notice. Quite frankly I would be scared to death if I were a future opponent of this amazing UK team.

What did we learn about our young team? We already knew Anthony Davis was going to be a force inside, and this hype was justified yesterday in the final seconds of the game, even though he was outplayed most of the game. We already knew Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was going the motor of this team and that Terrence Jones would be a monster. The big question on my mind was; how will Marquis Teague perform in the big game. Well he certainly held his own against a more experienced, and arguably the best point guard in college basketball, Kendall Marshall. We learned that Kentucky can play smart and keep the turnovers to a minimum. We learned that this team is a great team not just a good team.

As UK progresses into this season we can expect a freshmen dunce game or two. We can expect to lose this number one ranking as I honestly believe the pressure will eventually get to our young team. I would rather UK be a humble number 3 or 4 in the rankings going into the NCAA Tournament than an over confident number 1 but I am not going to lie, after this North Carolina victory an undefeated regular season is certainly achievable. I don't think we will achieve an undefeated season but we certainly have a shot.

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