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Terrence Jones Responds to all us "Haters"

There is nothing like a whiny child, especially a 6 foot 9 inch child. Terrence Jones, who was spotted on camera shrugging his shoulders during Kentucky's heartbreaking loss to Indiana on Saturday, has responded to all us "haters". Jones left us this very grammatically challenged tweet on the the twitter machine.

I know Big Blue fans can be a very overbearing bunch, myself included, but when you lay an egg like Jones did in a heated rivalry game, as the number one team in the land, especially in a rivalry game against any team that wears RED, you will not only get "hated on" you will get burned alive. I am still a Jones fan but I cannot recall a performance as bad as this performance by any All American in a blue uniform. I guess time will tell.

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  1. My man jones need to work on his fluidity and release even more than his grammer. I love ya buddy, but you need at least one more year with your college brothers before your ready for the NBA. We just want you to succeed. Millions come and go, but humiliation lasts a lifetime!