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Here We Go Again! Hot Rumor of Impending Release of Kentucky Basketball Violations


The Kentucky Wildcat Basketball program, and John Calipari, has to be most gossiped and fantasized college basketball program in history. Yes, we are the Roman Empire of college basketball, yes we have won more games in the history of the game, but yes, we have made our fair share of mistakes and paid dearly for them. The 1952-53 season was scrapped and UK almost received the all-feared death penalty in the late 1980's but the scrutiny surrounding the UK program is as hot as it has ever been.

Most want to blame Coach Calipari, even though Calipari has NEVER been implicated by the NCAA following the scandals that surrounded UMASS and Memphis. Calipari was completely cleared of wrong-doing in both cases. But that doesn't stop the rumors of impending violations and sensational news that's always a week away. Kentucky got extremely lucky in the Eric Bledsoe high school cheating scandal, actually non-cheating scandal, that could have been the most embarrassing situation in the history of the UK program. If the 2009-10 Cat's were forced to vacate those victories that Bledsoe was a part of, which was pretty much all of them, UK would have not reached the all important 2000 win total first in college basketball history. All those tens of thousands of UK2K T-shirts that 1 out of 3 Kentuckians still wear would have been a Commonwealth-wide badge of dishonor.

Now to the point; Postgame Presser, a non impressive vulgar rag of a sports news site, Tweeted the following...

Postgame Presser
Hearing rumors that a well connected member of the media could be dropping a potential bombshell about UK's recruiting of a current player

The Postgame Presser tweeter has obviously been bombarded with questions from angry fans and seems to be moon walking (back tracking) a bit. Could this "rumor" have anything to do with the all time UK hater Pat Forde's rumored release of trash on the UK program? Only time will tell but there are always rumors flying about in the websphere of hate and discontent with regard to Calipari and UK. We will plug our own sources and see if there is any merit to this latest rumor.

I will say one thing though; Calipari is very transparent on the bench. You can tell if the man is mad, scared, nervous and or happy. He seems to have that worried thousand yard stare lately but I am going to assume it's because he is tired. We will keep everyone updated....

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