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Chief Editor: William Shackleford
Shackleford founded the popular political blog The Rural Democrat which garnered over a million hits in little over two years of full operation. Shackleford has worked as professional political adviser and is also an author and filmmaker. Shackleford retired from politics and has moved on to sports reporting.

Shackleford's main focus is SEC Sports, Kentucky Basketball and Kentucky Basketball Recruiting News
Contact: Subject Line: Editor EMAIL: ruraldemocrat@gmail.com

Reporter: Jackson Sawyers
Sawyers is a lifelong UK Basketball fan and a contributor to multiple political blogs. He wrote for the wildly popular The Rural Democrat covering mostly Kentucky politics and Kentucky Native American affairs.
Contact: sawyersjackson@gmail.com

Reporter: Will Hayes
Will is just starting his promising career as a very talented citizen journalist. Will has served as a press manager for various musical acts and production companies.
Contact: americaunitedparty@gmail.com