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Will the NCAA Take down the Duke Blue devils? No Way! No chance!

Is there enough smoke to assume there is a fire with regard to the alleged payments from Nike to Zion Williamson to attend Duke University? Not only can we assume there is a fire we can safely assume there is an inferno. 

In a filing Wednesday, Avenatti’s legal team said Nike’s then-recruiting coordinator John Stovall discussed in 2017 via text about paying Williamson—drafted first overall in June by the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans—“35 plus,” or presumably $35,000, according to a filing in a motion to dismiss the federal government’s case against him. 
Avenatti wrote in a tweet to The Chronicle Wednesday night that the payments discussed were "to attend Duke"and that he was "paid" to attend Duke, as he has previously alleged. Source The Chronicle

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Can't Touch This! 

So what is the NCAA to do? Do they do the right thing and immediately commence an investigation into Duke's recruiting practices and the allegations against Williamson? That is a loaded question because, in my humble opinion, the NCAA does NOT have the stomach to go after the Duke beast, no chance. So, Duke is likely to slide while schools like Louisville, Arizona, LSU, Auburn and a few others go to the gallows. 

The only reason the NCAA would consider investigating Duke would be if they are put on the spot in such a way that their so called "non profit" status is put into jeopardy or enough coaches, and schools, band together and raise so much hell the NCAA would have no other choice. Both of the preceding options are never going to happen, the NCAA is too powerful and while they may have some crusty year old egg on their faces they will not take down Duke even though it may come out that Duke was the worst of them all with regard to the pay for play scandals. 

If I had to make a short term prediction there will be not so much as a peep from ESPN, the NCAA and of course the ACC this upcoming basketball season with regard to ANY involvement of the Duke Blue Devils in this scandal, it will simply go away. The talking homer heads will repeat the same tripe again and again, "Michael Avenatti is a disgraced lawyer who is trying to save his skin by destroying this fine young man and Duke University". Start yourself an excuse calendar and write it down every time you hear this in the 2019-2020 College Basketball Season 


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