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UK Assistant Kenny Payne texts linked to NIKE'S Carlton DeBose in Avenatti scandal

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This is bad news, no matter how you slice it, this is bad news. Kenny Payne, my absolute favorite on the UK staff, yes, even above Calipari, has apparently been linked to NIKE'S Carlton DeBose via text messages. Apparently, Payne is the mystery assistant coach linked to a court filing in a case involving, now disgraced, lawyer Michael Avenatti.

And of  course; who broke the news? Pat Forde, Pete Thamel and Dan Wetzel... A Pat and Pete wet-dream..

DeBose also participated in a text message exchange on July 6, 2017, with an assistant coach at the University of Kentucky, according to the motion. In the exhibits, the initials “KP” are attached to one non-DeBose number. Kentucky has an assistant basketball coach named Kenny Payne.
In the exchange with “KP,” DeBose explains that he provides money to “about 10 [Nike EYBL] coaches who are helping families to the total of about 200K annually.”
He names the coaches using first names and nicknames that couldn’t immediately be identified by Yahoo Sports. DeBose declares the business is “stressful” because he has “to do it cleanly and with a process. I’m good but it’s enough to where Lynn and Nico don’t want to know the intimate details to cover their asses.”
Nike’s global vice president for sports marketing and basketball is Lynn Merritt, who has been a longtime fixture at the company.
“So it’s a risk,” DeBose wrote, “but my everyday job is a damn risk so I’m used to it now.”
“Watch your back, bro,” KP wrote back. Source Yahoo Sports

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