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Kentucky Wildcats Sports News - The Edge

It's here, it's arrived, it's loud, it's brash, it's bold, it's unrelenting, it's unapologetic, and it has absolutely NO remorse for poor whiny baby hurt feelings and in short; we simply don't care if you agree with us or not. Now that is a proper introduction to what will hopefully be a successful journey into the plastic, fake, homer world of Kentucky Sports, or what has become Kentucky Sports, I should say.

We are UK Basketball Traditionalists or what we are going to call UKBT and we have an army of pissed off fans who are starving to death for talking heads, like us, who will simply tell the truth.

We are not anti-John Calipari, we appreciate the Final Fours and the National Championship but we are critical of this sacred cow, no touch, no speak status that Cal has enjoyed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I see the wasteland of UK fans in zombie like droves who have no idea what Kentucky Basketball is all about. I was lucky, my 3rd cousin was none other than the legendary Cawood Ledford, the Voice of the Cats. Cawood was bold and honest when it came to UK basketball, if the players were stinking up the court, he said it, without hesitation.

So our approach will not be shock and awe reporting but solid fact based analysis of Kentucky Basketball. So enjoy it! We are going to sell advertising and we are making a commitment right here and now, we are going to donate that money to charity. We are not here to gnaw on the carcass of the Wildcats trying to make a dollar, noe are we using this platform to further a political agenda, harrumph!

It's un-telling what some of our writers will blurt out. We are not professional journalists but we know sports and we shall share our frustrations with the multitude of UK sports fans, upfront and without remorse.

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