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Dan Patrick Zings Coach John Calipari on Nike

Dan Patrick to Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari ; "If you didn't have an apparel deal with Nike you probably couldn't get dressed in the morning". 

I reacted just like the fat baby in the GIF. It was just some harmless banter between two old friends but Coach Cal seriously looked uncomfortable for a second afterwards. I am on the hunt, out there, prowling around, dedicated. (yeah I know I stole that line from the movie Heat, bite me). I am looking for anything, any reaction what-so-ever from Cal and company when the word "Nike" is spoken. Maybe I am going out on a limb here but I seriously believe UK may escape the guillotine with the "alleged" forthcoming Nike scandal. I am not stating that belief because I attend the 42nd Street Church of UK Homers either. Calipari's one and done system may have in fact created this monster, or at least gave it a big shot of steroids right in it's corrupt big bum.

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