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Kentucky Wildcats defeat the Grand Canyon Antelopes, Post Game, Box Score

Kentucky 85
Grand Canyon 45

If UK had actually played all 40 minutes, and they didn't, they would have blown the Antelopes to Mars. Even though Kentucky is still a work in progress (yea right) they showed a glimpse or two of becoming the most dominate college basketball team in the last 40 years.  It's just not fair.

Andrew Harrison led the way with 16 points. Trey Lyles chipped in 14 points in a half effort at Rupp. I don't say half effort in a derogatory way, I think Calipari told the team at half "take it easy guys" because Calipari just looked on, calm and collected, as Kentucky played on, even when they stunk it up Calipari was chilled out. The Platoon system, at least in game 1 of a 45 game season, was a success.

I cannot emphasize the potential of this team. Like I said before; it's just not fair. There will be an adjustment or two but all Calipari has to do is simply let both Platoons, White and Blue, play ball. It's really that simple. Let these kids play ball and it's done, they will be beasts of a type not seen since the UCLA teams of old come March.

Kentucky Leading Scorers..

Andrew Harrison - 16
Trey Lyles - 14
Willie Cauley-Stein - 12 (4 Blocks)
Dakari Johnson - 10 (12 Rebounds)

Team Blocks - Kentucky - 10

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