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Kansas vs Kentucky; In Game Commentary

15:00 1st Half KU-6 and UK-8

Kansas is doing exactly what we predicted, they are taking it to the Cats. The Jayhawks are running the dump off inside to perfection. Can they keep this up for 40 minutes? Doubt it. Kentucky is playing Kentucky's game but the smaller Kansas team is aggravating the Cat's offense.

Update 1:

Kansas is running the Hack-A-Cat early with 3 early fouls but UK is only shooting 50% from the line. Kentucky is playing big but their concentration is non existent. Aaron Harrison's game is on, so far. Kentucky is playing very sloppy but Kansas is making bad decisions they are settling for jump shots and that will not work.

Now its the White Platoon's turn....

15:00 to 12:00 1st Half KU-9 and UK-14

Ulis is on!!! Kansas is flustered, the speed of the White Platoon is killing KU. Alexander for KU has 2 fouls, he now gets to sit.

The whistles are starting to blow. The White Platoon is killing KU with their intensity. The White Platoon are diving for balls and hitting Kansas in the mouth. KU is already tired, shooting only 20% from the floor but the Cats making some serious mistakes with turnovers. Ulis and Booker are on it tonight and that's good news for UK fans.

Its on now... KU might want to leave early but its not over until 0:00..

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