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Buffalo at Kentucky; Halftime Analysis; Kentucky is not there yet

Well, one of my fellow know it alls stated, foolishly of course, that all Calipari has to do is let these kids play ball, I don't agree. The Buffalo Bulls are actually taking UK to school, in an almost laughable first half for the number 1 team in all the land.

Buffalo controlled the pace of play for most of the 1st half and went into the locker room with a 38 - 33 lead. The bigger and slower UK squad had a very hard time keeping up with the smaller Buffalo team coached by top ten UK nemesis Bobby Hurley of Duke fame.

He certainly has learned a thing or two from his famous coach father and has made UK look foolish at times. If by some biblical disaster Hurley defeats UK today the BBN will never hear the end of it.

This may also be a horrible premonition for the upcoming Kansas game. The guard heavy Jayhawk team may run a small back door cut scheme, much like Buffalo, and simply run UK to death. You can defeat an enemy with a few big heavy blows or you can defeat your enemy with 1000 small cuts...

2nd Half to come....

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