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UNC Sports Site: "Why it's a good thing that Wiggins didn't pick UNC"... What?

A very strange article posted on the UNC fan site, Keeping It Heel, has me scratching my head, over and over. The article in question, entitled: UNC Recruiting: Why Andrew Wiggins Not Coming To UNC Is A Good Thing, was quickly deleted, or renamed and or revamped.

We could ask a million questions with regard to this ghost article;
Was it a draft, only to be published "if" Wiggins opted against UNC? Or was it a major slip up? Because I am sure they know stuff we don't.

I have not vetted the article, or non article, so this strange situation may have a totally mundane explanation. As to why it was deleted so fast? Clearly the original article was inaccurate or its content was not authorized on the site. So this could be good news for UK fans or, as usual, no news...

The link below is the cache URL for the deleted article...

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