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Poythress and Cauley-Stein Return to the Cats

On the surface a few of the Wildcat faithful may have wanted Alex Poythress to jump to the NBA after a lackluster freshman season. But I must remind these same people of another Cat that some, OK most, wanted to see leave, Terrence Jones and we all know how that turned out. Jones came back bigger, better and most of all humble.

I suspect Poythress will resemble Jones and will be on the cusp as a starter on next year's star-studded team. Another, and this likely made more than few very happy, freshman is returning, fan fave Willie Cauley-Stein will give the Cats another year of service even after being projected as a top 15 pick in this year's mundane NBA Draft. Cauley-Stein has the most upside here as he is almost guaranteed a starting position. A starter on a potential NCAA Championship team was probably the carrot that he needed to make his decision to return.

The BBN needed these two to return in the worst possible way. Kyle Wiltjer simply cannot be the leader that everyone hoped he would be in 2012-13. Cauley-Stein has that something that coaches look for in a leader, Wiltjer doesn't. So sit back and enjoy BBN!

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