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Andrew Wiggins Updates, and more Updates and of course Updates

UK fans must be used to this never ending recruiting vigil. This is a normal annual occurrence for Calipari Era UK Fans. So in our effort to predict the future we are of course hanging on every word that Andrew Wiggins utters from here until be chooses a school. It is what it is people.

Wiggins made a very interesting comment that, on the surface and coupled with comments made by his high school coach (READ HERE), could lead one to believe he is leaning toward UK.
Wiggins listed three important, if not the most important, qualities that would influence his decision, and those qualities are:
1. Coaching Style
2. Great Facilities
3. Great Talent I can surround myself with

Well now UK has the monopoly on number 3 but we can be conservative on 1 and 2 as all of his potential schools have great coaches and great facilities. If we take into account the comments his coach made on Wiggins' desire to win a championship being the "most" important factor then the tea leaves have spoken and the lean is toward UK. However, these high profile kids turn into instant politicians once they arrive on this stage so banking on every word they make is a total mistake. But its a good, no, A GREAT, sign for UK fans.

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