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Andrew Wiggins Saga: Let's Focus on the Kids who have signed on to play and worry about Wiggins another day!

Like any aspiring sports junkie I follow the Andrew Wiggins saga closely, keeping vigil on the Twitter machine, waiting for any tangible nugget of new information. But just as in year's past I have grown weary of the stagnated situation involving yet another 17, or 18, year old kid.

We already have the best recruiting class of all time without Andrew Wiggins' commitment. We have the best  recruits, on paper, that college basketball has ever witnessed in the modern era. And just as in year's past I invite BBN to concentrate on the dedicated players who have already signed on to play. These kids have already shown that they want to be a part of BBN. I am not saying that Wiggins doesn't want to be a part of BBN but the hoopla surrounding his recruiting is growing old, thin and gray.

So much of Wiggins' decision may hinge on creating, and preserving, a personal legacy. His brand must come above anything else, if this wasn't the case he would have already signed with someone. The hint came from his big bro at Wichita State, in which he stated so eloquently that UK wouldn't be the best fit. Not because of tradition, or winning, or a chance to win but his legacy may suffer if he is forced to share the frivolous spotlight on the ESPN Top 10 next year. His brand would suffer, at least according to his big bro. 

If there is a single issue that is in desperate need of eradication from the college basketball scene it would be the issue of brand, the issue of paper. But its not an institutional problem its an individual issue. Of course at the end of the day this is America, land of the free, the land of opportunity and capitalism. So you can't really blame, in the traditional American sense, Andrew Wiggins for at least calculating the best financial move. And it is financial. the calculus changes day to day.

If he wants to be the centerpiece of any particular team the kid needs to sign with UNC or KU. He would be the face, the man, he would be in every respect with regard to sport's writers, THE team. If that's his motivation, and I am not saying it is, then BBN is not the place for him. And you can spit, kick and cry, you can't direct every hateful Tweet that would satisfy you UK Sports Fans as a result of me writing this but the first person that would say the same thing, without hesitation, would be the coach, John Calipari, he has said it.

So let the saga end, one way or the other, so we can get down to the business of Kentucky Basketball. And the team we have in place, I think it is safe to say, we can declare it is time for number 9!!! Just like Gene Hackman's character said, (I know, I know, not a great example) in the movie Hoosiers... he said "My Team's on the Floor"....

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  1. Time to forget Wiggins and devote time and attention to the young men that can and have made their decision on their future.