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2013-14 Kentucky Recruiting Class The Best Of All Time, Even Without Wiggins

Sure, most if not all in BBN want Andrew Wiggins on next year's team but even without a future commitment  from Wiggins the 2013-14 Kentucky Wildcat Basketball recruiting class is, without question, the best of all time.

After the commitment from Dallas native Julius Randal many analysts stated that the 2013-14 Cats had surpassed the Fab-Five and achieved the best recruiting class of the modern era. One thing we must make perfectly clear with regard to the Fab-Five. They can't be ONLY looked at as a fabulous freshmen class who took Michigan to two straight NCAA Championship games. This team changed an entire culture, they were without argument cultural icons of their time. I remember the hell these kids went through and the hell wasn't only projected by unscrupulous racists hidden in the shadows, however these clowns did harass these kids, the real hell came from the mainstream basketball pundits such as Dick Vital and others. They continuously called these kids overrated and berated them on their style of dress and mannerisms. But we know who got the last laugh and it wasn't Dick Vital.

So lets get this out of the way the 2013-14 Cats are the best recruiting class of all time with regard to talent and rank but will not have the cultural impact of the Fab-Five.

If Wiggins were to join this amazing class I think it would be appropriate to discuss the possibility of an undefeated season and possibly discuss the 2013-14 Cats as the best "TEAM" of all time. This is jumping a little ahead of ourselves but this is what we do.

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