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Turner scores 40 as Texas A&M wins at Rupp

     Kentucky's 83-71 loss to Texas A&M tonight at Rupp Arena didn't happen because of a lack of experience, or lack of foul shooting, , or a lack of rebounding, or a lack of defense by Kyle Wiltjer ( who I don't think even scored tonight),  or because Elston Turner scored an unbelievable 40 points, or even because of a lack of leadership or coaching......it happened because of a lack of HEART. 

     Yes, Elston Turner had the game of his life.  Yes, Kentucky has a lot of freshman ( which I am tired of hearing Coach Cal whine about, because that's the program HE has created!).  But it goes deeper than that when you blow a four point lead at home with under four minutes left to play.  Texas A&M took Kentucky's heart in the final minutes, plain and simple.  After the game, Elston Turner was asked how confident he ad his team were in the final minutes.  He said, " We knew we were going to win, because you could see it in their eyes.  They were beat."  A lack of heart has contributed to the cats allowning teams to go on multiple runs this year, including a 9-0 run in the first half and a 16-1 run in the second against A&M.  Kentucky also gave up a 18-0 run against Vanderbilt earlier this week in Nashville, but were able to come away with a two point victory.

     Coach Cal said tonight that we need to understand that most of his players are freshman, and that's what they are playing like.  Well coach...maybe we expect a lot out of our freshman because, under you, their freshman year will be the only year we get to watch them.  Pretty soon we won't even have a Senior Night at Kentucky.

     To be fair, no one can question Calipari's success at UK.  In just three years he has led the Big Blue Nation to 2 final fours and a national championship.  Thats pretty impressive even by Kentucky standards.  But what did Coach Cal have his first three years that the don't this year?  SENIOR LEADERSHIP ON THE FLOOR!!!!  Kentucky would not have won a title last year if it wasn't for Miller, Jones, and Lamb.   If we expect to keep this program at the top of the SEC and the NCAA, we better keep some solid players for more than one year.  If not, we might as well join the NBA "D" league.

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